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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pagan Origin

The "Dictionary of Religious Knowledge":
"Many say that the Trinity is a corruption borrowedfrom the heathen religions, and ingrafted on theChristian faith."

Edward Gibbon says in the preface to the "History ofChristianity":
"If Paganism was conquered by Christianity, it isequally true that Christianity was corrupted byPaganism. The pure deism of the first Christians[belief in only ONE God]...was changed, by the Churchof Rome, into the incomprehensible dogma of theTrinity. Many of the pagan tenets, invented by theEgyptians and idealized by Plato, were retained asbeing worthy of belief."

"Origin of Triads and Trinities", Mr.Newton quotes Professor Sayce (Gifford Lectures andHibbert Lectures):
"The indebtedness of Christian theological theory toancient Egyptian dogma is nowhere more striking thanin the doctrine of the Trinity. The very same termsused of it by Christian theologians meet us again inthe inscriptions and papyri of Egypt."

The Nouveau Dictionary Universel:
"The Platonic Trinity, itself merely a rearrangementof older trinities dating back to earlier peoples,appears to be the rational philosophic trinity ofattributes that gave rise to the three hypostases ordivine persons taught by the Christian churches…ThisGreek philosopher’s [Plato, fourth century BCE]conception of the divine trinity…can be found in allthe ancient [pagan] religions" (Paris, 1865-1870,edited by M. Lachatre, Vol. 2, p. 1467).

The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of ReligiousKnowledge:
"The doctrines of the Logos and the Trinity receivedtheir shape from Greek Fathers, who were muchinfluenced, directly or indirectly, by the Platonicphilosophy. That errors and corruptions crept into thechurch from this source cannot be denied."

The Church of the First Few Centuries":
"The Doctrine of the Trinity was of gradual andcomparatively late formation. It had its origin in asource entirely foreign from that of the Jewish andChristian Scriptures. It grew up, and was ingrafted onChristianity, through the hands of the PlatonizingFathers."

Outlines of the History of Dogma:
"Church doctrine became rooted in the soil ofHellenism [pagan Greek thought]. Thereby it became amystery to the great majority of Christians."


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